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Reasons Why  Ending Daylight Savings Time is Essential


Very few countries observe the daylight saving time. This is because it got a lot of effects in our day to day activities. Once the daylight saving time is abolished these problems will not be faced again.  By most of the countries not observing the daylight saving time it means it doesn't have importance in our economic progress. This is because most of our economic activities are affected by time.


The energy savings that are received cannot add up to a significant percent. This means that by abolishing it, there will be no big loss in the economic state. If the saving doesn't help the economy, it means that even when removed from the act there will be no effects hence encouraging the government to abolish it. It has also brought a lot of loss in our economic productivity during the springtime. Farmers produce very little during this daylight saving time. It's caused by animals like cow and chickens not fully adapting to the change of time. Thus making our economy lost a lot during this time.


Moreover, daylight saving time also has a lot of effect on humans' mental health. When sleep cycle is interrupted, it can be of serious issue in one mental activity. It is because sleep is connected with one's mind. The time shift that is caused by daylight saving time causes a significant risk to one's health. It might cause stroke and also cancer. It is caused by the daylight shift that disturbs sleep cycle in one's body. The gradual change of climate has never caused a severe effect on a person, but daylight time-saving changes report many cases, read more!


It's also good to abolish the daylight saving time because of its difficulty for one to remember how his/her watch works so that to adjust time. This making lot of people miss important events they had scheduled for specific days and hours. Losing time that will never be recovered brings a lot of losses to human beings. This time lost would be very beneficial if there daylight time saving would be done with, click here!


Daylight saving time also causes cars collision, especially in spring moment. Once an hour has been pushed forward, it can affect those on roads causing fatal road accidents. Causing lot of people lose their lives. Hence abolishing the daylight saving time, it can reduce the number of accidents that occur on our roads. This also brings a lot of impact on our economy. By abolishing the daylight saving time, it will make people work even after work and also after school thus drawing a lot in our economic productivity. This is during winter months. Because during the daylight saving time people tend to do their work like going around shopping and other commercial things that don't promote the development of our economy. Be sure to watch this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84aWtseb2-4 for more details about daylight saving.